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In addition, the requirements for public bodies to publish lower value opportunities have been updated, and from 21st December 2022 central government authorities have to publish all of their contracts with a value equal to or in excess of £12,000 inc VAT and sub central authorities any public body that is not central government have to publish all of their contracts with a value equal to or in excess of £30,000 inc VAT. Talk to us 01204 238 046. In a sealed bid auction, single undisclosed bids are submitted by each bidder, without knowing the bids of the competitors and being able to react to them „static auction”. Updated 2023 09 16T00:00:00+00:00. Conductive and non conductive samples will require to be imaged and methods for charge dissipation without significant loss of resolution will be required. Commercial in Confidence. Due to lengthy delay in identifying and agreeing commission members, the commission was not appointed until 2016. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. In the state of goa for goa building and other construction workers welfare board. Members of the NSDPP are pleased with this aspect as it will allow public authorities to give preference to bidders that offer better working conditions to their workers, favour the integration of disabled and disadvantaged workers, and offer sustainably produced goods. As the purpose of this document is to review the breakdown of prices in the contractor’s quote, the layout can be done in a way that is best for your needs. We only use it where its unique properties are identified as an important requirement for a project. These laws transpose the EU procurement directives; one additional legal provision is that for supplier selection purposes, real estate tax debts are checked where tenderers are registered or permanently resident in Latvia. Logos are just for display here. However; when using this guideline it is important to take into account the national implementation of the directives, because there may be differences in the national implementation e. The plan covers those tenders which are regulated by the Public Procurement Law. The shortlist for a service contract has been published. Tender OpportunitynnThe University wish to appoint an Architect to lead the development of a Full Feasibility and Site Option appraisal together with a nnmassing study exercise for a New Sports. Research and Development Services. It was launched in 2014 to support the implementation of the Digital Service Playbook. All contracts with an estimated value above the EU threshold of €135,000 must be advertised in the Official Journal of the European Union OJEU. 10 Each procurement from a panel represents a separate procurement process, so while value for money was initially demonstrated when the panel was established, entities are still required to demonstrate achieving value for money with each individual purchase. Corrigendum : custom bid for services canteen service best price on fixed menu rate model, hiring of special purpose mining machines monthly basis, hiring of special purpose mining machines per hour basis food and breakfast arrangements for the students, maximum rs. Supply of furniture wooden desk, chair with arms. The first part will see a shortlist of suppliers chosen to move forward to the next stage. 14 – Boral Resources QLD Pty Ltd t/a Boral Asphalt. The Public Sector in Scotland is responsible for ensuring that Scottish citizens are provided with the wide range of goods, works and services that support them in their daily lives. Published 4 years ago. 37755577 Corrigendum : bids are invited for custom bid for services cyber security assessment of pipeline bahadurgarh , custom bid for services cyber security assessment of lpg plant pampore jammu , custom bid for services cyber security assessment of lpg plant visakh.

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By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use. Department of Commerce1401 Constitution Ave NWWashington, DC 20230. From my own experience, I know that Kelvin is right when he says all you need to do is. We also use non essential cookies to help us improve government digital services. Participation, experts and sub contracting” point d indicate that tenders should be submitted by the same service provider or consortium which has submitted the application form. Iformed the view that awarding the tender to the third respondentwould not present any unacceptable commercial risk to theDepartment;and that the third respondent had the necessary qualifications andcompetence, financial resources, equipment and managerialcapabilityand reliability, related experience and personnel, to carry out thetender – the management of cleaning of schoolsand clinics. The primary objective of this portal is to provide single point access to the information on procurements made across various Ministries / Departments and all the organizations under them. View Aberdeenshire Council procurement annual report 2021 to 2022 PDF 1. The originally planned schedule is also wastepaper for the NF 2 low floor wagons ordered for Duisburg, three part bi directional Flexity Classic wagons, which were ordered from Bombardier in 2017 and are now being handled by Alstom. With that in mind, in this post I want to focus on two things. All purchases made by the U. We use cookies which are small files downloaded to your computer, used to improve your site visit. Only tick this box if you wish to receive information about these. If you would like to respond to a currently open ITT you will have to register first as a 'New User’ with our EMITS Electronic Mail Invitation to Tender system. EuropeAid awards grants and tenders to implement projects or activities that relate to the European Union’s external aid programmes. Bidders will notify of any clarifications required before the closing time for clarification queries, which by 02 October 2023 before the deadline for tender submission. With the help of these agreements, IREDA. All higher value OJEU Tenders and lower value business opportunities are in one place. Second, public procurement may also be used to innovate the public sector itself public procurement of innovation, through the inclusion of „innovativeness” as a procurement goal often as a secondary criterion. It is crucial that you read through the tender documents thoroughly and more than once to ensure you understand the project that is involved. As we discussed above, RFT or request for tender is a document that the buyer releases to invite a supplier for submitting their responses. Home » Business » Bids and tenders. We offer a range of products, services and events some of which are free that help buyers tender more efficiently and suppliers find, bid for and win public and private sector contracts. Are you sure you want to log out.

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You can even add private sector opportunities. If management is jointly exercised, it must be ensured that. The website also features the Social Procurement Framework, which is a program to harness the buying power of the Victorian Government to create social benefit for Victorian Communities. Let us know, and then you and other users can vote for your favourites. Beccali et al presented satisfaction 80% of the users in a retrofit of urban lighting system of the outdoor areas of the University of Palermo campus Italy Beccali et al. Find more information on the ex ante assessment. You’ve come to the right place. NnThe EOEW Award scheme has been developed to reward caterers who make. All contracts with an estimated value above €25,000 and below the European Union EU threshold of €135,000 must be advertised on and awarded in accordance with National Public Procurement Guidelines. The University of Botswana invites 100% citizen owned locally registered companies to submit proposals for the below named tender. Luris from the University of North, Pietersburg, SA, an Advanced Diploma in Labor Law from Rand Afrikaans Universiteit, and a Certificate in Management in Minerals and Mining Policy Short Course from the University of Witwatersrand. Delegates can learn more about the key enablers underpinning the Act and how they can effectively engage with and support its intended outcomes. 132 / 33 kv, 25 / 31. TenderBoard provides businesses with a peace of mind by facilitating transactions between buyers and suppliers throughout the source to pay process. Tender Pipeline is our unique software that allows businesses to search for public tenders with ease. As a click result, thousands upon thousands of new opportunities are published around the world every single day. The role of Value Wales includes shaping procurement policy, monitoring procurement in practice, supporting, advising and developing procurement staff and ensuring compliance with procurement regulations. Crown Commercial Service is the UK’s biggest public procurement organisation. Comprehensive annual maintenance contract of integrated security system. Get the latest business news delivered straight to your inbox each fortnight. To ensure that tenders are fair, contracting authorities must follow established procurement procedures and rules. Where the contract value exceeds £25,000, the opportunity will also be published on the UK government’s Contract Finder. 4 of thePreference Document defines B BBEE Status Level of Contributor as’the B BBEE status received by a measured entity based onitsoverall performance using the relevant scorecard contained in theCodesof Good Practice on Black Economic Empowerment, issued in termsof section 91 of the Broad Based Black Economic Empowerment Act’. The chewing gum is compulsory, long with a snack. Email Rebecca Edmonds on rebecca. Feet including printing and mounting 5 pole kiosks size 4×3 per sq. 39685409 hiring of point to point 5gbps lease line bandwidth from kolkata to imphal for railtel corporation of india limited, eastern region. If you have any suggested improvements or comments on the statements of work aspects of the templates please email: ASDEFCONSOW. Incurred anon refundable cost in an amount of R 16 834. How do you craft a winning tender proposal with storytelling techniques.

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The NCSC’s small business and charities guides can be found at National Cyber Security Centre. Upgrading and Refurbishment of Bulk Water Supply and Sanitation at Healdtown Comprehensive School. Tender invitations are published in the Government Gazette, in the local press, on the Internet, and in selected overseas journals as appropriate. Intertrade rejected the offer out of hand. Mark’s history in tech has been a long one. General saving in respect of certain concession contracts. This is about businesses that win public contracts 'giving a little back’ in some way – proportionate to the size of the contact. General Conditions from August 2018: Time spent travelling exclusively and necessarily for the purpose of the implementation of the contract, by the most direct route, may be included in the numbers of days or hours, as appropriate, recorded in these timesheets.

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Write a winning bidOnce you have the relevant details, you need to put them together in a well written, sector focused bid. 39720544 division electrical engineer trd sec railway raipur under city central dn. Kevin FennellyMarket Executive. The ANAO found that in the 26 sampled panel orders under these two panels, 12 approached only one supplier 46 per cent. This includes Canadian companies. Enjoy your yard at its most beautiful with assistance from Turf Tenders. Many federal agencies have what’s called an Office of Small and Disadvantaged Business Utilization OSDBU or an Office of Small Business Programs OSBP. 39809886 bids are invited for custom bid for services repair of telescopic handler total quantity. 3 blockout flex 280 gsm rate per sq. A brief of sorts is a good starting point and helps us define the scope of works. Total volume of orders served by Startups. Development work of website and online darshan arrangement, online darshan of of dadhdevi mata ji. The pre qualification criteria is the eligibility criteria which enables the Bidder to participate in techno commercial evaluation. You can whip up one of your specialties and take them to a local farmer’s market for sale, while promoting your services with banners, flyers and in person conversation. Auctions and tendering schemes for renewable energy sources RES are competitive mechanisms for allocating financial support to RES projects, usually on the basis of the cost of electricity production. How to submit response electronicallyQ08. 1 mk 2 , cse sets trainer mirage 2000 front seat , carts pk 1.

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Register now to ensure you transition to doing business with the new Government of Canada procurement service. For tender procedures below the EU thresholds but exceeding PLN 130 000 the information is published in the Public Procurement Bulletin. You can Find up to date Health and social work services online tenders in this page. Rebecca has served on the National Assembly for Wales’ Environment and Sustainable Development Committee and its Common Agricultural Policy Task and Finish Group. The GFRs 2017 have defined 5 kinds of tenders as below. Supply of Building Materials. PREVIEW NOTICE, please check Find a Tender for full details. Another benefit of keeping track of award notices appears when they alert you on potential opportunities for your business at a later stage in the wider supply chain. Impress your guests with these flavorful tacos featuring avocado, cilantro, lime, and Beyond Chicken Tenders. Government procurement in Austria is regulated by the Federal Procurement Act 2017. This will require a fundamental change in the way goods and services are procured. Contract Value: 13995000. We are a whollyowned, not for profit company that was established to provide support andexpertise to the Welsh Government in connection to transport projects in Wales. In addition, ANAC is working with other stakeholders in the project „Measuring the risk of corruption at territorial level and promoting transparency” funded by the National Operational Programme Governance and Institutional Capacity 2014 2020 – ERDF, ASSE 3 – Specific Objective 3. Our Client Experience Managers will with you to identify your needs, and ensure you receive email alerts based on your company requirements. The tender specifications published on this web page might exceptionally be complemented by an addendum/corrigendum. Renew your Subscription for Uninterrupted Service. Public sector buyers have a large and pressing need to procure reliable and nutritious food for. Requiring goods/services will issue a contract notice to the market. Tendering guides and advice. The AFFO pilot consists of two framework agreements for circular office furniture see 'Two Framework agreements’ box.


BBBEE is a socio economic process to facilitate the participation of Black people in the economy. Only 10 days old tenders from the closing date willbe shown. Overlooking risk management during the tender and contract negotiation phases will most likely have irreversible repercussions on a project. 3rd Floor, 52 Grosvenor Gardens, London SW1W 0AU. Public goods are non rival and non excludable, which means that one individual’s consumption does not diminish the quantity or quality of the commodity available to others, and individuals cannot be prevented from freely consuming the commodity, or „free riding”. So firstly you need to find a catering tender that applies to your business. This is one of the largest electronic procurement systems in the Southern Hemisphere. Since 2012, both RES electricity and heating technologies are included under the same scheme. It also includes procedures where the supplier selection is primarily based on environmental criteria as opposed to other terms and conditions such as price and delivery times. Source Global Newswire. That is why part of the Central Purchasing Unit’s tasks is to set down the spectrum of purchasing, take care of the required procedures for calls for tenders, and ensure the principles of economic efficiency are upheld. The Go/No Go assessment is a series of questions you can use to determine if a tender is worth pursuing or not. ASSOCIATION FOR ADVANCING AUTOMATION. The provision of evidence to this effect is known as 'self cleaning’. 35 – Activ Civil Constructions. Selecting the ideal charger for your battery type can ensure peak performance and extend its lifespan, giving your vehicle ready access at all times. Germany’s federal decree on contracts for workshops for the disabled 10 May 2005 requires German federal contracting authorities to set aside part of their budgets for contracts which can be awarded to workshops for workers with disabilities. To view the full details of this tender and all other current tenders, please Login or Sign up. Supplies and services that provide access to clean water, basic toilets and good hygiene can save children’s lives.

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Thus, it is critical that an evaluation of the potential vendors who might compete for the overall work statement / deliverables be accomplished. Requirement of Advocates/Law Firms for Empanelment to represent NSIL before various Courts/Tribunals/Forums/Judicial and Non Judicial Adjudicating Authorities in India. GTR : 70303670tenders are invited for capacity expansion of 39. Guidance for Suppliers on selling to the wider public sector can be found in the Supplier’s Journey on the Scottish Government Website. The four procurement procedures most frequently used by public sector bodies are Open Procedure, Restricted Procedure, Competitive Dialogue, and Negotiated Procurement. Rules for the award of contracts depending on the contract value. Landing public sector contracts come with numerous benefits for suppliers, including. Be sure that all of the items in your order have shipped already. Predict Probable Bidders, Estimated Bid price based on Pricing analytics, and much more get all the data you need to improve your chances of success. Tender has built its business on the number five: 5 partners, open 5 days a week to allow staff to have balanced family time, no more than 5 ingredients in every recipe and so on. A means by which a supplier can avoid exclusion under either the mandatory or discretionary exclusion grounds by essentially showing that they have rectified or addressed the circumstances which led to the ground applying and can thus prove their reliability; or that the original event giving rise to the ground occurred more than a specified number of years previously. Share sensitive information only on official, secure websites. 47745 make belmos located at saunda d colliery. Seasonal Crumble Vanilla Ice Cream. Push your business to the next level. At this stage, Council intends to implement the approved landscape architectural design through its own Parks and Gardens staff; however, if the circumstances change, the Landscape Architect may be required to provide contract drawings and specifications for issuance of tender, and to provide contract administration including inspection services for the deliverables. The Bulgarian public procurement portal reported in September 2016 that since the beginning of 2016, „a total of 15,105 contracts were signed on the basis of public procurement orders”. 39809517 bids are invited for custom bid for services carrying out detail analysis of the crude oil samples received at wrpl mundra from different loading ports total quantity. This is a framework for the supply of electricity and gas for the public sector and their associated bodies and agencies including billing, administration, customer service and where required by the customer, ancillary services. The Children and Youth Administration is responsible for food procurement in Copenhagen and pushes to make it more sustainable, for example, by favouring lower CO2 impact meals, championing the protein transition, reducing food waste, and increasing accessibility for SMEs to bid on tenders. For bidding procedure enquiries, please contact Ms N Metula, Tel: 012 357 3134, Email:. This process is also referred to as a call for bids. The modern and impressive City Tender has a classic look on the inside and with a luxurious toilet, bar, sound system, wooden floor and large windows. If they reach the required threshold, they are also published in the Supplement to the Official Journal of the EU and on our website. The second International Civil Service Effectiveness Index, published in April 2019 by the Blavatnik School of Government at the University of Oxford, ranked New Zealand as the top country for Government Procurement Effectiveness. Agency for Communication Networks and Services of the Republic of Slovenia Stegne 7, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia. Where a public agency wishes to opt out of the use of an AoG contract it must obtain the approval of approval the Procurement Functional Leader: if the agency and the Procurement Functional Leader fail to agree on an opt out, the State Services Commissioner will decide. Procurement officers use PCS to. Design, supply, erection, testing and commissioning of distribution system strengthening works for erection of 2 nos new 33 kv lines under 33kv kk mitla and tr palli feeder and 33kv muppavaram feeder in darsi and addanki divisions of ongole circle which are overloaded/aged feeders over proposed m+6/m+9 towers with 157 sq.

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For viewing full details of tenders, you should Log in to your account. RFSQ22 05 Construction Projects. Technical bid consisting of all technical details along with commercial terms and conditions; and. Do you have any questions. 19443215 auction sale of lot no: chmk ksmcl 1518 pcb grp : lot name: maskapura kadalli granite quarry rcs block. Angela Polatajko, URS Infrastructure and Environment UK Ltd. All packages meet our requirements. This is determined by the contracting authority. This includes, but is not limited to,. Public Contracts Scotland is managed by Proactis Tenders Ltd. They should ideally possess strong facilitation skills. 39300667 improvement of road from sh 21 to sri vihar lane including madhusudan nagar, ganapati nagar, aurobinda nagar, narayan vihar, nilakantha vihar, sastrinagar to saubhagya manjari road of ward no. Published 11 days ago. Click „Unsubscribe” in any email to opt out. Or the other UK nation’s websites if you are in Scotland, Wales or Northern Ireland. If you’re in a negotiation, it’s important to be able to identify the negotiation style of your opponent. Vii A copy of the contract and any related change orders or supplemental agreements. 4 Privacy of personal information B1. Kyiv City, 2 Mechnikova Street, Business Center „Parus”, 10 th floor.

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See detailed cookie list. H:​ I want to ask you about your website. Contract Value: 3500000. BackCall for tenders Purchase of production, printing and publishing services. This process, a legal obligation in many countries, is part of the procurement cycle and is commonly used in public sectors such as construction, large scale manufacturing, information technology and government projects. The harp will have to be sufficient for undergraduate and postgraduate specialist teaching, performance and research. We also publish a select list of contract notices in the main industry sectors that we work in, on our website HERE. In the Second Internal Memorandum,it is recordedthat the applicant had scored 95% for functionality and 98 TEVpoints, and that the applicant’s tender wasthe only functionaltender received. Nl for more information on government procurement through a tender procedure. Procurement of a Service Provider for VAT Review and Recoveries Services. On the merits, the adoption of the Resolution, approved the „Provisional National Plan for the Assignment of the Frequencies in the VHF band III for the DAB+ digital radio broadcasting service PNAF DAB”, thus creating the necessary prerequisite for the Ministry to proceed with the granting of the rights of use on the networks planned by AGCOM. © The State of Queensland 1995 2023. Government procurement in Bulgaria is a critical area in corruption risk. The European Commission’s 1985 White Paper for the Completion of the Internal Market identified Member States’ public procurement policy and practice as a significant non tariff barrier to the free circulation of goods and provision of services in Europe because it tended to favour national providers, thereby sheltering markets from competition and distorting trade patterns. Publication: Ordinance on the Award of Public Contracts consolidated, non official version on the basis of the Ordinance to Modernise Procurement Law. A similar process was used by the CA. Or Request a call back now and one of our representatives will contact you. Public authorities may publish contracts on TenderNed or a commercial platform. We set out progress in Public Procurement Reform Programme 2006 to 2016: achievements and impact. You can find it here. Supporting Documents. Ireland has adopted the four principal EU public procurement directives namely. Project andprogramme website. In 2021, the 41 United Nations organizations between them spent US$29. Wales uses cookies which are essential for the site to work. —Please choose an option—YesNo. The Defence Procurement Processes. Looking to procure a particular service. The state’s procurement practices should therefore reflect the UN Guiding Principles.

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The following are the plan takers for the bid. Main and Urquhart Streets,. The Decision Makerstates that he is aware of the provisions of the PPPF Act and itsdefinition of an acceptable tender asone 'which, in allrespects, complies with the specifications and conditions of tenderas set out in the tender document’. Initially the local CFA purchased off the shelf products which met standards, but later this led to Creswick Woollen Mill securing bigger contracts both in Victoria and New South Wales. The ISDS will typically be in a dialogue phase following an ISOS and the outline solution stage. In an abundance of caution, we’ve added the „may contain soy” statement to our packaging in case of possible exposure. More information can be found Here. And we are looking forward to co work with you for a long term relationship. Only tick this box if you wish to receive information about these. She also hinted that once one gets certified through RPL, the individual will also have an opportunity to further his studies in the area of skill specialization. What is your procedure for dealing with print problems, non conformances or complaints. To seek damages the bidder would require grounds to do so and should seek their own legal advice if considering this step. The Federal Emergency Management Agency „FEMA” will be procuring reinsurance for the National Flood Insurance Program „NFIP” to be effective on or about January 1, 2024. Via the tendering procedure, a transport company can obtain a concession from the regional government for a certain area. All of our calls are recorded for training and reference purposes. Visit the GETS websiteexternal link. Technical specifications. Publication: Ordinance to Modernise Procurement Law 12 April 2016. Tender Maps is a heartfelt, thought provoking meditation on the „personality of place” and the profound interconnection between human emotion and the physical landscape. However, an economic operator may also, where appropriate and for a particular contract, rely on the capacities of other entities, regardless of the legal nature of the links which it has with them, therefore, including the subcontractors. Police cars, school buildings, uniforms etc. The employer’s agent co ordinates any amendments to the initial short list of tenderers and agrees the final short list of tenderers with the client. A large number of acquisitions, development projects and studies are awarded by the BSI to external contractors. As a buyer or commissioner of supplies, services and works for the public sector, public authorities need to demonstrate that they have followed all legal and internal obligations when advertising and reviewing tenders for any works. 32 MMT, respectively, during the same fiscal. When only a particular firm is a manufacturer of the required goods, to the best of the concerned government department’s knowledge. You’ll likely have to read lengthy tender documents to get to the key details of each tender. Ii The contractor’s original worksheets and other data used in preparing the bid,. Sub head supplying and replacement of battery for ups. Learn where you can find HPCL tenders, the process for searching a relevant tender for your business and applying for it.


This includes the circumstances where FTS or the Official Journal of the European Union OJEU/TED must be used, how to access FTS and an associated FAQ. Suppliers are advised to verify the authenticity of suspicious RFQs and orders by calling the respective Transnet Operating Division using the contact details listed below or on Transnet’s website prior to responding to any RFQs or orders. Valid Income Tax Clearance Certificate or letter of exemption from the Board of Inland Revenue; National Insurance Board Compliance Certificate dated at least six 6 months prior to closing of tender. This bidder provided details of work of greater value but not similarscope. Get complete information related to latest Radio services tenders from India at Tender247. The desirable Tender LAK 10 suite finds its natural setting on the wall of a modern bathroom: uncomplicated, visually impressive and supremely practical in equal measure. Yes, Beyond Chicken Tenders are certified vegan. For assistance, please call the OPS Contact Centre at either. View current opportunities. Yes they can – the UK Government has stipulated that public sector bodies and organisations should award a minimum of 25% of their tenders to SMEs and this stipulation also applies to gym tenders. The new repeater site is approximately 32km North North West of the current site at the top of Mount Arden. Perfect for start ups to find out more. Get ahead of competitors by reaching out to key decision makers within buying organisations directly. Click the „Account” link at the top right hand side of our site to track your order status. The Standard terms and conditions contained in the document below apply to all purchase orders raised by Audit Wales, unless agreed otherwise in writing between Audit Wales and the supplier. The Isle of Man government spends over £200 million each year on goods, works and services per year, promoting competition in procurement under the Council of Ministers’ Procurement Policy for Government, published in 2017. Beers crafted in the city limits. During the period from 1949 to 1978, Chinese public bodies acquired the goods and services they required in accordance with administratively directed transactions, whereas since the economic reforms of 1978, „central planning has started to give way to market forces”. Assistance in software development and maintenance for a period of 2 years. Selection of agencies for printing of jan samman kit. Central Bank; concerning monetary matters and banking professions, the Contracts Committee of the Central Bank is responsible for the Central Agency for Public Tenders, and tenders are carried out according to the instructions of the Bank Governor and under the supervision of the Audit Bureau. A Framework for the supply of Building Maintenance Supplies. Leach pit with silt chamber and tube well platform at bahadurganj gram sansad for grey water management for community level under shyamnagar gram panchayat within garhbeta i development block, district paschim medinipur,.


1. Administratorem Twoich danych osobowych jest „Renia” Firma Handlowo-Usługowa Karol Kuliś, zwany dalej: „Administratorem”. Możesz skontaktować się z Administratorem pisząc na adres: Radziechowice Pierwsze, ul. Wspólna 150 k. Radomska, 97-561 Ładzice lub telefonując pod numer: 693-635-152.

2. Twoje dane przetwarzane są w celu, w którym zostały podane i w celu realizowania oraz nadzorowania procesu korespondencji mailowej.

3. Twoje dane osobowe przetwarzane są wyłącznie w zakresie związanym z realizacją powyższych celów. Jeżeli umowa między nami stanowi, iż przekazujemy Twoje dane firmie realizującej część zawartej z Tobą umowy to realizujemy takie udostępnienie. W innym wypadku nie udostępniamy Twoich danych innym odbiorcom oprócz podmiotów upoważnionych na podstawie przepisów prawa.

4. Administrator może w związku z realizacją zawartej z Tobą umowy przekazać Twoje dane do podmiotu realizującego objęte umową zadania a znajdującego się na terenie państwa trzeciego. W innym wypadku Administrator nie zamierza przekazywać Twoich danych do państwa trzeciego ani do organizacji międzynarodowych.

5. Twoje dane będą przechowywane nie dłużej niż przez okres wynikający z umowy zwiększony o 5 lat lub w wypadku gdy korespondencja nie była związana z realizacją umowy nie dłużej niż 5 lat.

6. Masz prawo żądać od Administratora dostępu do swoich danych, ich sprostowania, zaktualizowania, jak również masz prawo do ograniczenia przetwarzania danych. Zasady udostępnienia dokumentacji pracowniczej zostały określone przez przepisy polskiego prawa.

7. W związku z przetwarzaniem Twoich danych osobowych przez Administratora przysługuje Ci prawo wniesienia skargi do organu nadzorczego.

8. W oparciu o Twoje dane osobowe Administrator nie będzie podejmował wobec Ciebie zautomatyzowanych decyzji, w tym decyzji będących wynikiem profilowania*.

* Profilowanie oznacza dowolną formę zautomatyzowanego przetwarzania danych osobowych, które polega na wykorzystaniu danych osobowych do oceny niektórych czynników osobowych osoby fizycznej, w szczególności do analizy lub prognozy aspektów dotyczących pracy tej osoby fizycznej, jej sytuacji ekonomicznej, zdrowia, osobistych preferencji, zainteresowań, wiarygodności, zachowania, lokalizacji lub przemieszczania się.